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One of our favorite parts about working with dogs is hearing how they are doing once they are home.  We love receiving updates and getting pictures of the puppies so loved and happy. Here are some of the stories from past puppies and families we have worked with:

"Hi Allie, 

I have been thinking about writing you for months now, and am finally sitting down to do it!

I just wanted to share some photos and let you know that Sakura is the most wonderful dog we could have possibly imagined having. He is exactly what Lars and I were hoping for - sweet tempered, mellow, outdoorsy, playful, and so very affectionate! He adds to our lives in ways we hadn't realized were possible and we're more thankful with each day that we were matched up with him. 

Thank you so much for the love and care that you and Jake put into breeding dogs and raising puppies who are such incredible family members. We hope that you, Jake, Wyatt, and all your sweet canines had a very happy holiday season, and we look forward to keeping in touch. We're already toying with the possibility of adopting another puppy someday in the not-too-distant future ;)


Lauren and Lars"

"Hi Allie!

I hope all is well. I just had to send you this picture from our wedding. Harvey was our "dog of honor", and made the day even more perfect! 

He is the most loyal and loving dog with a great personality. I can't thank you enough for breeding such beautiful and loving companions. He is our baby and has been the best gift we could ask for. There are so many choices and things to consider when buying a pup but you guys made it so easy and a no brainer

I remember when we picked him up Jake mentioned Harvey was very expressive with his paws, happy to report he still is! He bops me on the head when I'm laying near him, bats at his toys and doors etc. too funny. Hugs to you and your boys!



"Ruby is a wonderful girl, very sweet and fun.  She gets along with everyone and everything.  Dogs of all sizes are friends along with a very mean outdoor cat that usually doesn't want to be friends!  I will attach a few pictures but she is hard to get a good picture of as that tail is always in motion!  Also there is usually a ball in her mouth.

We have taken her to several series of training classes.  I think the other "parents" are jealous as she is the one the instructor usually picks to demonstrate the lesson.  She is calm, willing to focus on him (not me) and ignore the other dogs when he is working with her.  (Most of the other students won't do that...of course I'm biased!).  She is very treat motivated and does what ever he wants very quickly!" -Christy


"Sammy is wonderful. I can’t believe how much fun we are having. We are in obedience training right now 3 of 6 weeks are done. She is learning so much. One thing about Sammy that we absolutely love, she is a huge hugger, she loves to stand on her back legs and hug you for 5-10 minutes when we get home from work.  She also was a big help in when Johnny asked me to marry him in November.  She is the probably the sweetest dog I have ever met.  So so so happy with this little one." -Elyse


"Gibbs is wonderful and still a very energetic & big boy.  On Jan 1 he turned 8 months and weighed 85 lbs.  Very happy puppy that wags his tail when he dreams.  He is very physical and loves to wrestle (we are working on that).  We have taken him a couple of times to NW kennels when I was out of town and Deb was working, to have a play day.  He loves playing with other dogs and very social.    I hope things are going well for you and your family.  Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family." -Brad



We wanted to touch base again! Finn is the best dog. You were spot on with his personality. He loves to run, chase the ball, play with the boys, and he is such a love bug! He is so smart; he sits, stays, and lays down on command-already! We're so happy he loves the car too! 

Every place we go people comment on how cute he is. He loves saying hi to anyone who will give him attention. Your resource list was so helpful as we got ready to bring Finn home. We love the food and he takes the vitamins.

Some of his favorites snacks are: elk antlers to chew on, chicken or salmon with his food, apples, and carrots. 

He's also a Denver Broncos' fan-he has a jersey and name tag.

He seems to be getting bigger every day, though he still thinks he is a lap dog, who loves to take over the bed; which we happily accommodate

Is there any chance his mom and dad will ever have another litter?

Hope all is well!

Michael, Laurie, Boys, and Finn"



Just wanted to update you on how awesome Sully is. Here are some pictures. He loves the beach and spends a lot of time outdoors with us hiking etc. He loves to snuggle and has a funny personality. Thank you so much for helping him be part of our family."


"Hi Allie,

I wanted to send you a note that Pink (a.k.a., Bingley) was spayed last week. She's recovering from the surgery well and is almost back to her normal, bouncy self. 

Bingley has brought Andrew and me so much joy! She graduated from obedience school, she loves people and enjoys going to the beach - just a few blocks from our house. She also recently learned how to open the door to Andrew's office (!)

I've attached a few pictures of her. I couldn't narrow it down to just one - she's so adorable in all of them!

Thank you being so responsive and friendly during the whole process. Please feel free to send updates of her brothers and sister, mom and dad. 

All the very best,


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