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FAQ about Goldendoodles

  • What is a goldendoodle?
    A goldendoodle is a hybrid of a golden retriever and a poodle. This cross provides the best benefits of both breeds. Goldendoodles provide a drastic reduction in shedding, and sometimes almost no shedding. Families with allergy issues often can often tolerate goldendoodles. Goldendoodles can have wide range of coat types. From curly to wavy to straight. Their intelligence is above average as well. This is because of the high intelligence of the Golden Retriever and even higher more complex intelligence of the poodle. Goldendoodles are trainable and eager to please. Another benefit of Goldendoodles is hybrid vigor. Genetic defects that are common to specific breeds can not be replicated in a cross of two breeds. This makes for a healthier puppy that will be free of some of the genetic defects that are inherent to specific purebreds. Its been known that they can be healthier and live longer than either of the breeds individually because of this benefit. Personality wise, you get the "child like" personality of the sweet golden retrievers with some added maturity and manners from the poodle. Goldendoodles make excellent family dogs and are great around children. Their temperament also make them a wonderful choice for first-time dog owners as well as therapy dogs.
  • What types of Goldendoodles do you Breed at J+A Family Doodles
    F1 Standard Goldendoodle (50%/50%) The F1 is the "classic" Goldendoodle is a 50%/50% cross from breeding a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. This is the "First Generation Goldendoodle." There can be some variation in the outcome of their puppies such as in coat type and and look, but in terms of temperament, they are very consistent. This puppy is the goldendoodle that maximizes the benefits of both the friendly golden retrievers and intelligent poodle. F1b Godlendoodle (75%/25%) The f1b Goldendoodle is a 75% Poodle and 25% Golden retriever cross. This produces a puppy that has much more predictable qualities and leans more towards the poodle traits. The F1b Goldendoodle is the ideal puppy for people who have allergies because of its low-shedding coats. For that reason F1b Goldendoodles are very popular and you've probably seen them around in public. The coat is typically wavy to curly and our F1b puppies tend to have white markings. F2b Teddy Bear Goldendoodle (62.5%/37.5%) F2b Teddy Bear Goldendoodles are my favorite dog we breed! They are a beautiful combination of Poodle(62.5%) and English Cream Retriver(37.5%). English Cream Retrievers are a type of Golden Retriever originating from the UK. These are a little shorter and stockier than the American Golden Retriever. Their coat is a cream colored and is more wavy than their counterpart. They have a more calm disposition and are very loyal. The result is a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle because they look like a real life teddy! Our puppies are Mediums size (35-49 lbs) and have cute boxy faces with curly to wavy coats. They have steady, calm temperaments and are very playful. Their smaller size and chill demeanor make them a great choice for families with kids. F2b Goldendoodle (62.5%/37.5%) An F2b Goldendoodle is an F1b bred to an F1. The purpose is to make a doodle with a balance in between the F1 and F1b. The result is a puppy that retains much of the hybrid vigor(62.5% Poodle and 37.5% Retriever) and leans slightly more towards the Golden Retriever side than an F1b Goldendoodle. F2b Goldendoodle coats range from curly to straight but the majority of our F2b puppies have loose wavy coats which are low-shedding. This is a great puppy for people who have mild to moderate allergies. If you have allergies and want an F2b Goldendoodle we can work with you to find the best coat for you specific needs.
  • What colors and coats do your Goldendoodles have?
    Our Godlendoodles come in the colors shown below: Cream Coat Apricot Coat Caramel Coat Red Coat Tuxedo Markings
  • How much are Goldendoodle puppies?
    Our puppies range from $1900-$2800 plus tax. For more information checkout checkout our Goldendoodle pricing page.
  • How do I reserve a puppy?
    To reserve a puppy, please go to our Puppies/Application page by clicking the button below: After you fill out the application, I will review it and contact you via email. If we have the right puppy for you and you'd like to reserve the puppy then a deposit of $300 is due (pay through Venmo or Paypal). The deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the final amount due on puppy pickup day. We understand that sometimes life happens and plans can change so deposits are transferable to any one of our current or future litters. Please read all the information on the Puppy Application page as it goes into more detail.
  • What are your recommendations for training?
    Puppy Kindergarten: Puppy K is program we developed to provide your new Goldendoodle puppy with a seamless transition into your home and family. We focus on crate training, bladder control and contentment. Tuition is $450 and we keep them at our home for an extra week of training. Baxter and Bella: Finding an obedience trainer in your area or online is also very helpful. Obedience training should start DAY 1. A trainer can teach you how to best communicate with your dog as well as how to listen to your dog trying to communicate with you! An online program is great because you can use it around your schedule and whenever you'd like. I recommend the company we have used called Bella and Baxter. They offer a lifetime membership and have an amazing program. They are offering our customers a 25% discount! If you'd like to take advantage just visit and use coupon code: JAFAMILY for 25% OFF. Feel confident that you are giving your pup and your family the relationship you desire for a lifetime of fun, excitement and happiness!
  • Can I see more picutres of your dogs?
    Yes! I LOVE taking pictures of our sweet puppies and you can find more pictures of what goes on around J + A Family Doodles on our Instagram page! You can find us @jafamilydoodles. You can also follow the #jafamilydoodles to see some of the pictures our past families have shared.
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