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Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten introduces your new family member to the basics. Puppies do well with set naps, family times, and feedings. Our goal is to provide a positive transition for your puppy and your family.  With Puppy K, your puppy will get the familiarity of still having some brothers and sisters around while being introduced to the things that they will be experiencing at home. 

Puppies up until 8 weeks live in the "Pack". (They are handled each day by our family and introduced to many sights and sounds, but the predominant training during that time is done by the mama dog and the litter companions.) All the wrestling with litter-mates and jousting for position is part of the proper development of your doodle pup. When they move from the litter to a family there is an adjustment period. A week of PUPPY K can make this transition just a bit smoother! They are still around their litter mates and we gradually introduce them to more independence away from them.  Our primary focus is to help your puppy gain some control of their bladder and hopefully be sleeping through most of the night by the end of the week. While in the litter jumping up and nipping was all fun and games, those habits must be adjusted a bit as they transition from litter to home.

A week of PUPPY K is provided in our home.  The tuition cost is $450 Mid-week we will send you pictures and an update on your puppies progress. At the end of the week, we will explain to you all of the training that we have established with your pup so you can take it from there!  

We focus on:

1. Crate training: helping your puppy gain a positive association with the crate, learn to sleep in the crate, and we work towards having them be able to sleep through the night without barking and waking everyone up.

2. Potty training: learning to go outside and not inside!

3. Contentment training: while we play with them most of the time, we also spend time with each puppy alone working on being content without needing constant attention

4. Biting: we work with the puppies on not biting when they are playing and teething

5. Name learning: we will use their name when addressing them and help them learn the name you've picked for them

6. Basic introductions: We have found that early exposure to things such as the vacuum, baths, leash and socialization are especially important to create a healthy adult dog.  Exposing a puppy to such experiences early in life may help them to make similar events less disruptive in their forever home.   

7. Socialization: We work on introducing the puppies to other dogs and people.  If a puppy is exposed to a variety of social experiences early in life, it seems to show less fear when it encounters unfamiliar people and dogs as an adult.  We have our own dogs at home we slowly introduce them to near the end of the week. 


We are equipped with everything they need for class--crates, leashes, food, vitamins, and toys.  



If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of us before signing up, please feel free to contact us:


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