We believe in the highest quality of life for each of our dogs. We are not a kennel.  Therefore, our mamas and papas live in guardian homes with their own families. We love knowing our dogs are being loved on by their families full time, a kind of care we could not offer to multiple dogs.  This allows us to keep our attention on one to two dogs at a time. When they come to our home for having their puppies we try to spoil them and make it a fun time with us by making fresh eggs and lots walks to the river.  If you live in Whatcom County are interested in being a guardian home, please contact me. 

We genetically test and OFA certify all of our parents.  The paperwork goes home with each puppy on 'Pickup Day.' If a pup does not pass a test, we have them fixed and since they are happily living with a family already, they just stay with that family.  I sometimes get inquiries about having older dogs available and I love being able to say "no!"

The Girls


Sadie is a gorgeous Standard F1 Teddy Bear Doodle (aka English Doodle). That means she is a mix of an English Cream Golden Retriever and Poodle. She is the daughter of Eadie and Cooper and has a perfect mix of their content and intelligent personalities. Sadie is lavished with love by her guardian family and their 3 daughters. You can see all her sweet snuggles on instagram @sadietheteddybeargoldendoodle. Weighing in at around 65 pounds with an apricot coat and white markings, she is one beautiful mama.


Sailor is an up and coming English Golden Retriever mama.  You can find her on the trails with her guardian mama on Instagram @kaylalswallow. She will make F1 English (Teddy Bear) Doodles and we can't wait!


The smallest of the "triplets" (Gracie, Sparkle and Lucy).  She was lovingly named after Lucile Ball for her spunky and loving personality.  She has the sweetest personality and is a total goof ball! She is only about 45/50 pounds so her puppies tend to be on the line of standard/medium.  


Gracie is middle sister of the triplets and as patient as a saint.  She spends time visiting retirement homes and loves a good head rub.  Her puppies tend to have some beautiful markings with a wide range of coat types.  Even if you are looking for an f1, I would consider her litter of F1b's. She is about 50/55 pounds with a beautiful cream coat. 


Sparkle was lovingly named by the sweet girls of her guardian home.  And as you can see, she will light up anyones day! She is the largest of the "triplets" at around 60 pounds.  She is also the most blonde and boxy face.  Her puppies also have a beautiful coats and boxy faces with good variety in color and range.  

The Boys


Heidi's Super Cooper is a gorgeous and snuggly apricot standard poodle.  His signature markings make for adorable golden doodles often matching his stars. Cooper lives with our neighbors and loves going down to their pond and trying to make friends with their ducks. His eyes are a true window into his heart.  He is about 50 pounds of love. 


Douglas Fur is our beautiful medium f1b English Goldendoodle.  He is the most easy going dog super gentle with kids. He lets our toddler dress him up and lay on him like a horse! Doug is super snuggly and intelligent.  We love his silky soft red coloring and white markings on his face, chest, and paws. He weighs about 42 pounds.


Maveric is a guest stud from Michelle's Doodles.  He is 28 pound poodle with a beautiful red coat. We love having him here to visit because he is really sweet and well mannered.  He gets along great with everyone here and makes some beautiful puppies! 




Standard F1 Goldendoodle



English Golden Retriever



Golden Retriever



English Cream Golden Retriever



Mini Poodle



Golden Retriever